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The mandate: Driving profitable growth in an interconnected global economy

  • Offer a portfolio of value-added services to differentiate your organization from the competition

  • Analyze cost-to-serve and make better decisions with analytics and real-time insights

  • Identify least and most profitable customers, and serve them accordingly

  • Maximize rebate and chargeback recovery to increase profits

  • Attract, develop and retain new talent due to an aging workforce

The business challenge: Fueling profitable growth

Primary Business Objectives

  • Maximize Service Differentiation

  • Optimize Inventory

  • Increase Operational Efficiency

  • Improve Profitability

Key questions: How do we . . .

  • Offer profitable, value-added services to differentiate ourselves from the competition?

  • Minimize risk by balancing customer demand with inventory on hand while considering
    variable costs and availability?

  • Manage the costs of a global supplier network by negotiating the best deals to increase
    our margins?

  • Segment customers based on sales volume, profitability, loyalty and cost-to-serve?

What do SAP solutions help customers do?

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