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The mandate: Drive compelling customer experiences in Retail

  • Plan compelling assortments and deliver relevant offerings that differentiate your brand

  • Leverage the business network to control cost and offer competitive prices for value-adding products

  • Enable omnicommerce and endless aisle strategies with capabilities to fulfil anytime, anywhere

  • Deliver the customer experience of the future: personalized, relevant and real-time

The business challenge: Leverage customer and business insights to grow revenues and control costs

Primary Business Objectives

  • Drive profitable assortments and pricing strategies

  • Lower costs by purchasing value generating products at optimum cost

  • Lower inventory costs and support revenue increase with flexible, reliable and cost-effective demand fulfillment

  • Grow revenues and customer share of wallet

Key questions: How do we . . .

Use market and customer insights to drive assortments that matter to customers and pricing and promotions that drive demand?

  • Identify value generating products and aggregate demand to achieve the optimum prices?

  • Satisfy customer demand wherever, whenever down to the pack size of one?

  • Deliver compelling customer experiences that drive loyalty and basket sizes?

What do SAP solutions help customers do?

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