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The mandate: Grow in a dynamic and changing market

  • Differentiate in a market of global healthcare reforms and growing competition

  • Achieve operational excellence while complying with increasing regulatory requirements

  • Increase customer satisfaction and patient safety despite volatile value chains

  • Improve patient outcomes and drive personalized medicine

  • Take advantage of new collaboration models across traditional outsourcing partners, care providers and patients

Mastering the challenge: Innovate while improving profitability and efficiency Primary Business Objectives

  • Innovate faster, drive personalized medicine, and improve patient outcomes

  • Maximize supplier performance for APIs, substances, materials, and outsourced services

  • Optimize supply chain efficiency and customer service

  • Secure high product quality, patient safety and compliance efficiently

  • Increase brand value, customer loyalty and revenue

Key questions: How do we . . .

  • Improve R&D productivity?

  • Find new solutions focusing on patient outcomes?

  • Collaborate with third parties efficiently?

  • Comply with ever-changing complex regulations?

  • Proactively minimize operational risk?

  • Attract many market segments via many channels?

What do SAP solutions help customers do?

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