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The mandate: Drive innovation and profitable growth in an increasingly complex global market

  • Shrinking product life cycles and increased regulations require new ways to innovate

  • Increasingly complex supplier relationships are difficult to align with volatile demand patterns

  • Hard to align production and fulfillment operations with continuously changing demand

  • Difficult to adopt channel, partner and business models to changing customer preferences

  • Higher customer expectations in the connected economy

The business challenge: Drive continuous innovation and sustainable growth while controlling operational costs Primary Business Objectives

  • Shorten innovation to volume

  • Optimize supply

  • Orchestrate flexible manufacturing and fulfillment operations

  • Engage customers and drive profitable growth

  • Drive profitable service

Key questions: How do we . . .

  • Deal with continuously shrinking product life cycles?

  • Bring relevant innovation to market fast?

  • Identify the best parts and suppliers?

  • Align volatile demand patterns with increasingly complex supplier relationships? Optimize manufacturing so it is cost effective and responsive to changes in demand?

  • Enable personalized customer engagement consistent across channels?

  • Adopt new business models and establish flexible pricing models fast?

  • Establish excellent service while increasing profit?

What do SAP solutions help customers do?