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The mandate: Driving profitable growth in an increasingly uncertain global marketplace

  • Global demographic shifts

  • Competition for scarce resources

  • Instability, volatility and uncertainty

  • Proliferation of enabling technologies

The business challenge: Enabling profitable growth

Primary Business Objectives

  • Accelerating time to market

  • Securing sustainable supply

  • Maximizing capacity and efficiency

  • Responding profitably to dynamic demand

  • Reaching and engaging consumers

Key questions: How do we . . .

  • How do we accelerate time to market with products consumers want?

  • How do we leverage strategic sourcing to mitigate supply and margin risk?

  • How do we optimize production to ensure optimal finished goods availability versus forecast?

  • How do we forecast and optimize inventory to meet demand wherever, whenever it occurs?

  • How do we deliver timely, tailored and relevant experiences consistently across channels?

What do SAP solutions help customers do?

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