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HCM solutions

Conquer HCM is all about time and cost-saving. It is also about exceeding your expectations on HCM solutions.It is our endeavor to deliver significant value to our client and partners through innovative service and flexible solutions. We deploy highly evolved methodology which effectively addresses the organization’s needs. We provide a complete suite of solutions to design/develop HR policies and enhance effectiveness through organizational restructuring.


  • Accurate tracking of every aspect of employees

  • Reducing the work load

  • Facilitating easy and faster access of HR related information of various branches

  • Complete employee information management

  • Detail Dashboard and graphical reports showing details of all scenarios of the system to HR and Management

  • Bulk user creation and user rights across modules


  • Administrative access control across branches

  • Effective Human Resource (HR) Management System

  • Employee Online Attendance Service

  • Recruitment Process Tracking System

  • Goal setting, 360-degree feedback and compensation planning

We help you in….

  • Developing Manpower Planning

  • Job Description

  • Performance Management

  • Competency Requirement

  • Identifying Skill gap

  • Devising Appropriate Reward System

Key Modules

  • Employee Module

  • Attendance Module

  • Payroll Module

  • Recruitment Module

  • Training Module

  • Appraisal Module

  • e-Muster- Leave Management

  • e-Travel – Claim Management

Key Modules

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