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Cane Management Solution

The comprehensive Cane Management Solution (CMS) enables sugar factories to efficiently plan,manage and forecast their business operations in an increasingly dynamic and competitive marketplace. Since sugar factories totally rely on timely and quality sugarcane supplies, monitoring of sugarcane from harvest stage in the fields up to the sugar mill until it is turned into “Sugar” is the focused area in the process.

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Cane Monitoring


Season Setup, Division, Circle, Section, Village, Ryot (Grower), Transporter, Vehicle, Harvester, Sub Gang


Seed/Setts Entry, Crop Calendar, Offered Plots, Agreed Plots, Measured Plots, Net Area, Estimated Tons, Propping, Sample Testing, Brix / CCS Reading, Grouping Schedule, Cutting Order Generation, Quota Fixing, Permit Entry

Cane Weighment


Gate Entry Screen, Weighment (Gross, Unloading Point, Tare, Net Weight) Weighment Dashboard: Shift wise Hour wise cane arrival details Yard Balance Details, Zone & Non Zone Weighment Details

Cane Accounts

Bank & Branch, Loan Category, Loan Types, Loan Sub Types (Cash, Non Cash Loans, Fertilizers,Weedicides, Seed, Development Loans),Receipt Entry, Guarantors Entry, Manual Recoveries of loan,Billing (Harvester Bill, Transporter Bill, Ryot Mill Cane Bill, Transport Subsidy Bill, Additional Bill)

Reports & Dashboards

We have 300 + Customized reports covering all the functionalities of the cane modules

Integration with SAP

  • Loan Payment Integration

  • Goods Issue Integration

  • Goods Receipt Integration

  • Payment Integration

  • Journal Entry Posting

  • Cost Center-wise reports

  • Ledger Report

Android Apps and SMS Enabled services