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The mandate: Manage increasing customer demands, complexity, and uncertainty in a global world

  • Customers demand more value

  • Globalization drives opportunities and risks

  • Growth in commercial aviation

  • Changing Priorities in defense industry

The business challenge: Simplify operations while continuing to innovate

Primary Business Objectives

  • Address complexity and risk across supply chain and programs

  • Continuous improvement in core design and production

  • Optimize production flow and product and process quality to increase production capacity

  • Grow high-margin aftermarket business by offering new services

Key questions: How do we . . .

  • Have full operational, contractual and financial visibility of our programs when and where we need it?

  • Synchronize key business processes to decrease time to market?

  • Respond quickly enough to changing business demands driven by new technology and customer trends?

  • Develop new added value services for our customers?

What do SAP solutions help customers do?

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